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Welcome to Brant Access Business to Business Telemarketing Services for the West Midlands, Coventry, Birmingham and Milton Keynes areasBrant Access Business to Business Telemarketing

Welcome to Brant Access Business to Business Telemarketing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Brant Access Consultancy or the client supply data to call?

Data can be sourced by Brant Access Consultancy to call for our clients from a GDPR compliant data provider.  Data supplied can target specific geographical areas, business sectors, companies of a certain size and more.  The data is TPS/CTPS ([Corporate] Telephone Preference Service) checked.  Campaigns have proved successful using this approach, as the data is kept up to date by the Provider.  Organisation name, address, phone number, email address, size, sector, turnover and a decision maker (normally a Director) are all often included.  The data is supplied in Excel.


Alternatively, we can call lists provided by the client. 300+ contacts for a one- week (35 hours) project recommended.


Lastly, we could also possibly use an alternative on-line List & TPS Checker to locate and call potential prospects and build you a database as we go along.  However, this is a slower process and will reduce the number of calls made.

How many calls are made, decision makers reached and results achieved?

On average 80-100 calls are made a day, reaching 6-10 decision makers per hour, depending on contact status.  Results vary on project type, but with appointment setting, our most popular assignment, 10+ qualified appointments are usually made from a 35 hour campaign.

How is data protected?

Brant Access Consultancy is committed to ensuring your data, and that of your clients, is processed lawfully in accordance with GDPR regulations. Our Privacy Policy gives more information.

How does Brant Access Consultancy charge?

50% of the total fee for a telemarketing project is required before the agreed commencement date of the assignment.  This is to guarantee some of the payment for time set aside for the project.  The remaining balance of the total fee must then be paid within the stated payment terms (maximum of 14 days unless otherwise agreed).

Is the Client tied into a contract?

Brant Access Consultancy does not ask for commitment to a twelve-month contract like some of our competitors do, with a three-months notice period.  Instead, we have a relationship built on trust and delivery.  You are simply requested to normally commit to a minimum of an initial one-week (35 hour) project.  Further calling time can then be booked.