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Brant Access Consultancy - Business to Business (B2B) Telemarketing Services covering the West Midlands including Northamptonshire,  Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Coventry, BirminghamBrant Access Business to Business Telemarketing

Case studies of telephone marketing, telesales and lead generation undertaken by Brant Access Consultancy - Northampton, West Midlands and Hertfordshire


Business to Business (B2B) Telemarketing services for the West Midlands

Case Studies

Case Study One

Client: IT Reseller & Support Company.

Projects: Appointment Setting/Lead Generation.

Requirement: Since November 2006 a one week (35 hours) project has been booked on numerous occasions.  Over 60 projects have been completed to date.

Results: On average, 10+ appointments or 15+ qualified leads are achieved per assignment.

Details:  The client has asked me to contact local authorities, the emergency services, educational establishments & UK based organisations on a diverse range of projects for many different partners including Microsoft, Adobe, Fujitsu, OKI, Kaspersky Lab and HP.


Case Study Two

Client: Online CPD-Accredited Safeguarding Training Provider.

Project: Appointment Setting.

Requirement: Since November 2018 several one week (35 hours) projects have been completed.

Results: At least 12 demonstrations have been attained per assignment.

Details: This project is focused on Education, primarily contacting Multi Academy Trusts (MATS) & individual Schools getting Principals, Vice Principals, Business Managers and Designated Safeguarding Leads to book online or face to face demonstrations to assess their CPD accredited portfolio of training courses.  A free trial period can then be set up.


Case Study Three

Client: IT Services & Support Company.

Projects: Appointment Setting.

Requirement: Since March 2014 a one week (35 hours) project has been completed every 2 or 3 months. 

Results: On average 10-15 appointments (mainly visits) have been booked per campaign.

Details:  The task for this client is to book appointments for the Managing Director to personally help, advice & quote for business.  Organisations are offered a complementary 1 hour consultation to have an IT Review, to hear suggestions on things like IT Security, Data Storage to improve their IT set up, and/or to have an IT Health Check/Service, to address an issue such as a sluggish computer.  This approach gives my client the opportunity to demonstrate their worth through a more hands on approach.  The main goal is to attain interest in the client's IT Support Services.


Case Study Four

Client: Flexible Packaging Industry Market Intelligence Specialists

Projects: International Database Building/Lead Generation

Requirement: Since February 2010 to July 2015 this client completed 7 international assignments.

Results: Names & email addresses for decision makers were obtained at 75% of the organisations contacted.

Details: Calling was undertaken to flexible packaging related companies in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America & the Middle East.  Contact was made to generate interest from decision makers to receive a free copy of the client's quarterly business report and/or other relevant documents.  Contact details for a decision maker such as a Director, Sales Manager, Export Manager or Marketing Manager was sought at each company contacted with agreement to email them.


Case Study Five

Client: Digital Marketing Agency.

Projects: Appointment Setting.

Requirement: From June 2017 to February 2019 a one week (35 hour) project was completed.

Results: 15+ Telephone Discussions were attained per assignment.

Details: The main aim for this client was to contact businesses, usually with 6+ employees, to explain the client's resource and give prospects the chance to sample something for free.  Offerings included a free Online Business Strategy Session, a free Google Analytics Health Check and a Website Critique.


Case Study Six

Client: Accountancy & Business Mentoring Services Group.

Project: Appointment Setting.

Requirement: Since April 2017 a one week (35 hour) campaign has been completed each month.

Results:  Approximately 10 Appointments (Visits/Telephone Discussions) are being achieved per assignment.

Details: So far, the main aim for this client has been to book complimentary Business Mentoring Sessions with growth-minded Business Owners & Directors, where they then receive a 2 year Business/Growth Plan for their time.  The aim is that some people will then desire regular guidance for a fee.


Case Study Seven

Client: Air Conditioning Company.

Project: Appointment Setting

Requirement: From April 2017 to April 2018 a handful of assignments were completed.

Results: On average 3 or 4 visits/telephone discussions were attained per day.

Details: Organisations were contacted to ascertain if they used Air Conditioning, how old it was, if it was under a service level agreement etc.  If appropriate, free audits were offered to people to consider the latest technologies and assess efficiency savings with new solutions.  Alternatively, telephone calls were diarised with people who wished to compare SLA's before contract renewal with a current provider.


Case Study Eight

Client: Apprenticeships Provider.

Project: Appointment Setting

Requirement: In January 2016 a 1 week (35 hour) project was completed.

Results: 13 opportunities (9 visit appointments & 4 telephone discussions) were attained.

Details: The main aim for this client was to book introductory visits & telephone discussions for a Business Development Manager to present their various IT, website development & digital marketing apprenticeship programmes to employers interested in possibly taking on apprentices.